Cosmetic V. Medical Wig: What's The Difference?

Cosmetic Wig

Alright let's talk about cosmetic wigs. They are just like your regular wigs, but with a little extra spice. Ya know, the ones all the social media influencers are wearin'? Yeah, those! Cosmetic wigs are perfect for those who want to switch up their style without any hesitation. Picture this: when you peek inside a cosmetic wig, you'll find a machine-made wefted cap construction. And sometimes, they're even hand-sewn! So if you ever snagged a custom unit from me, it was stitched with love. You can find a cosmetic wig not only at your local beauty supply store, but also on big sites like Amazon, LuvMe Hair, Unice, Aliexpress...the list goes on and on! We live in a fast-paced world, darling. So these cosmetic wigs are designed to be quick and easy. They may not be tailor-made for your noggin', but hey, they're considerably cheaper than a cranial prosthesis!

Cranial Prosthesis:

Ever heard of a cranial prosthesis? No? Don't worry it's just fancy insurance talk for a custom wig. It's made using top-notch medical grade equipment and is specially designed for those battling hair loss due to medical conditions like cancer or trichotillomania (a big word for compulsive hair pulling). But here's the catch: you won't find this exclusive wig in any store! Oh no, it's a unicorn in the wig world. It's all about the perfect fit and the right material depending on your condition. And guess what? There are 4 types of cranial prosthesis to choose from, but we'll dive into those later, don't you worry!

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