Insurance Will Pay For Your Wig

If you're dealing with a case of hair loss due to a not-so-friendly medical condition and are looking to let your insurance handle the wig bill, you've hit the jackpot! Yup, insurance can totally step up and cover some (or even all) of the moolah you'll need for that fancy cranial prosthesis. But hold up, there are a few steps you gotta follow first!

Insurance & Coverage

Here's the deal: your insurance coverage depends on your plan. Some companies might ask for upfront payment and then reimburse you later. I know it's not ideal, but we believe in options! Usually, insurance covers 80 - 100% of the cranial prosthesis once a year. So go ahead and claim that stylish new look with confidence!

What to ask Health Insurance Provider

1. Does your policy cover cranial prosthesis? If yes, what type of cranial prosthesis (For example: synthetic hair, human hair, etc.)

2. How much will insurance cover?

3. What terminology needs to be on the prescription for a wig?
(For example: most insurance companies do not accept (prescriptions that say
medical wig)

4. What documentation you need to submit your claim?

Most Types of Medical Hair Loss Covered


Chemotherapy related hair loss

Radiation related hair loss

Thyroid related hair loss

Kidney related hair loss

Cancer related hair loss

Medical hair loss due to genetics, stress, life and
environmental changes, aging, thinning, balding, and reaction to medical

Getting The Prescription

Sorry, I can't write your prescription. That you gotta get from your doctor and slide it my way for fulfillment. That's right your neighborhood wig 'pharmacy' has arrived!

First, grab that prescription from your dermatologist or doctor. The prescription gotta have 'cranial prosthesis' and the codes A9282, D5924, and S8095. Diagnosis and diagnosis code are a must also! No 'wig' talk allowed. That's right, your prescription cannot have the word wig. And if you want to add some flair, ask your doctor for a heartfelt letter about your hair loss journey and the emotional effects.

Later on, grab an “Initial Consultation” where you swing by with your script. I'll figure out your measurements, triple-check the details on the prescription, and schedule a follow-up appointment.

Just like that your walking away with your new wig!

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