The Confidence Booster

My name is Janique "Jae" Washington. I was born in Rochester, New York and relocated to Richmond, Virginia in 2017.Through the years my beauties have shown me I am more than just a hair stylist. I am a therapeutic hairstylist who helps women restore their confidence from within in a private safe haven.

In 2014, I became bored with my hair and experimented with a pixie cut. Within 2 days, I regretted that decision fast. Quickly jumping into the wig world to provide a solution for my hair to grow and confidence to sky rocket. In 2021, I experienced hair loss due to being long term iron deficient. It took a year and a half for my hair to grow back before I learned this was just the beginning of my hair loss journey.

In the later part of 2023, I began to experience hair loss again. I had a desire to walk out of my house with the same confidence and comfortability as everyone else. After quite a bit of research I learned what my options were and I delved into the world of medical prosthesis for your hair.